Custom List #440 Sales Rep

Custom List #440 Sales Rep


We save you the tedious task of researching and building a fashion sales representative contact list that matches the following criteria:

Independent Multi-Line Sales Reps

-- market: women's
-- product category: apparel 
-- price point: moderate, better, contemporary - designer
-- reps types: showroom, trade show, road reps

We don’t guarantee these agencies are actively pursuing new brands to represent. The Sales Rep list is just that — contacts for the best in the market, some do attend international trade shows.

This Custom List is just for you
  • This excel workbook includes lists of 125 contacts 
  • The list is emailed in excel format in 3-7 business days after ordering.
  • An estimated 90% of the contacts listed will have a published email address. 
  • Sometimes, mistakes happen. And, if they do, we'll do our best to correct them. We promise! 


Still have questions? Email us. 

Also feel free to contact our list manager: 212-398-5505