Custom List. Children's Better High-End Apparel Buyers

Custom List. Children's Better High-End Apparel Buyers


We save you the tedious task of researching and building a fashion contact list for Children's apparel buyers in the better, contemporary, and high-end market.

This Custom List is just for you:

  • market: children’s, infant, toddler, girls and boys
    -- product category: apparel
    -- price point: moderate/better, contemporary, designer
    -- retail type: USA brick & mortar better department stores, kid’s stores, women’s boutiques that also carry childrenswear, and online stores

    *Count and Price:
     175 contacts  $285 usd
  • The list is in excel format. If the download link is not received after ordering, please let us know!
  • An estimated 80% of the contacts listed will have a published email address. 
  • If an email address is not listed, consider the buyer may have requested "do not publish" when listing.
  • Sometimes, mistakes happen. And, if they do, we'll do our best to correct them. We promise! 


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