How To Find a Sales Rep

How To Find a Sales Rep


How To Find a Sales Rep is the complete guide to knowing what to when hiring a sales rep. 


I. Overview and Breakdown of Wholesaler Types

Manufacturer's Reps

Showroom Reps

Road Reps

Regional/Independent Reps

Which is right for your fashion brand?

II. When To Hire Your First Sales Rep

Are you ready to hire a rep?

Advice from the Industry

Success Stories

Cautionary Tales

III. From a Rep's Perspective

Perfect Candidates

The Selection Process

What Reps look for in a brand

Challenges of taking-on a New Line

Collateral / Support Requirements

IIII. How To Find & Select the Best Sales Rep

Networking Services & Fashion Industry Tools

Planning the Search

Pinpointing the Right Candidates

Selecting The Best

Hire A Rep.

Payment Terms & Contracts


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